1. Katy Rose, center, with her Chicks With Attitude tourmates. From left: Nina Persson, Charlotte Martin, Liz Phair, non-musician mystery person (a Maybelline representative, I’m guessing).

    I was only 19 at the time and not even close to having my shit together, but one of my biggest regrets is not finding a way to make it to this show.

  2. So there’s a new Katy Rose song. The upload date says April but I’ve been shit at keeping up lately so I just discovered it days ago. 

    Katy who, you ask? Well, in the early-to-mid aughts record labels scooped up every “edgy” young female musician they could get their hands on in an attempt to cash in on the success of Avril Lavigne. There was Fefe Dobson. Skye Sweetnam. Ashlee Simpson. Amy Studt. Sarah Hudson. Lillix. Bonnie McKee. Alexandra Slate. Etc.

    And then there was Katy Rose, whose debut album Because I Can (2004) was the best the lot ever produced. Despite this, and despite a huge promotional push that included a memorable appearance on TRL, a “Next Big Thing!” article in Blender magazine*, soundtrack placement in the movie Mean Girls**, a nationally televised commercial campaign for Cingular Wireless, and a coveted slot opening for the incomparable Liz Phair on tour, Katy’s career never really took off. While her first single, "Overdrive," was put into regular rotation on MTV, I only saw her second, "I Like," once, on Fuse’s Oven Fresh. And at the time, I watched a shitload of music programming. (Incidentally, the only available copies of “I Like” on YouTube were ripped from that same source.) 

    In 2007, Katy released Candy Eyed. Though I liked the album, its more playful, experimental nature left me feeling a bit cheated. Since then, Katy has occasionally jumped on social media to promise her fans new music in the near future, but she’s done this so many times with nothing to show for it that I stopped putting faith in these announcements long ago. The “real” sequel to Because I Can became my Detox, my Smile, my Chinese Democracy, though relief occasionally arrived in the form of leaks of unreleased material.

    But now it’s 2014, and there’s a legitimately new Katy Rose song, with a music video and everything! “Do It Again” isn’t the best song I’ve heard this year. Katy’s poetic ambitions have dimmed a bit, and she’s picked up some of contemporary pop’s worst tendencies, including monotonous repetition and filler “oh oh”s. But the song has a killer bass line, and the general sound is this great balance between the grungy and the ethereal that is so distinctly, satisfyingly Katy. 

    The video comes with zero context, so I’m not sure if a new album is on the way. But hopefully it’s a sign of more to come.

    (* Of course, back then there was like three or four of these articles per issue, but still)

    (** “Cady, do you even know who sings this?” “Um, the Spice Girls?” “I love her. She’s like a Martian!” OH YEAH? WHY DON’T YOU NAME THE SINGER, REGINA GEORGE? GO AHEAD AND THINK ABOUT IT, I’LL WAIT)

  3. Fifth Harmony at The Majestic Ventura Theater, 2-12-2014

    Fun night.


  6. jesus-san:

    i would listen to fifth harmony or w/e their name is but what i saw of them from the one episode of the x-factor i watched they all seemed really arrogant and not fun

    Which episode was that?

    Ally’s always been on a different plane than the other girls (she’s the one with the Can’t Be Tamed getup and a fierceness in her eyes.that would make Tyra proud). And while I never saw that as arrogance (I just think she’s very try-hard), I can see how one could interpret it that way. But I can’t recall any of the other girls as being anything other than humble and sweet.

    I highly recommend their EP.

  7. Nice to hear from you after all this time but I think you missed the point

  8. Of course, if you interpreted that as “man he really hates that movie,” you’d be wrong

  9. It’s hard to root for either side in Camp Rock 2. At The Final Jam, after each camp had the chance to perform their song, ostensible bad guy/head of Camp Star says to ostensible good guy/head of Camp Rock something like “Nice, but it will never sell.” Mr. Camp Rock replies with something like “You know it should still be all about the music.” Then, instead of challenging the bullshit/icky implication that a song led by a black performer that isn’t too reliant on “real” instruments is somehow inauthentic, Mr. Camp Star basically concedes the artificiality point when snaps back “Maybe, but that’s why you’ll never make it in this business,” the implication being that yeah, we’re totally selling our soul to the devil but hey, we’re going to be rich and famous!

  10. Obviously you want to root for Rion so I hate to say this but c’mon Simon (and everyone else), this just wasn’t that good.

  11. Ugh this stupid thing.

    It would be an understatement to say that my brother isn’t going to win any Feminist of the Year awards. But of course he genuinely loves his daughter, and this jacket is such a painfully perfect symbol of the effort to bridge that inherent disconnect. I mean, it’s basically a letterman jacket. But it’s pink! And it says ‘love’ on the sleeve! Girls, amiright?!

    It simultaneously breaks and warms my heart.


  12. Hunter and I both went to Fillmore High. He was in the grade above me (though apparently I was older?). His group seemed like the class of 2002 equivalent of our group (or we were the class of 2003 equivalent of them, I guess.) We were the arty ones.

    I also saw him play live many times. He was the drummer for several local bands, including End Transmission, who were pretty great. Above is my favorite ET song.

    Rest in peace, Hunter.

    (Source: Spotify)


  13. "Lunch was always a good opportunity to bond. Randy, Ryan (who was very nice and the hardest-working man I know), and Simon were the popular kids. They were the “in” clique and of course Simon was the gang leader (well he did have the private plane they all flew in). I loved listening to them. They were very funny together and spoke of their trips to Miami, their business dealings and, of course, their new toys, namely houses, all the things that fill them, and in Simon’s case, cars. Simon and Ryan played a hilarious game where they would identify the most powerful person they knew in Hollywood and call their office at the same time. Whoever got them on the line first won. It went something like this:
    “Hello, it’s Ryan for Rupert.” (I’m talking about Rupert Murdoch here, the Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, Fox’s parent company.)
    “Hello, it’s Simon for Rupert.”
    Then we would wait to see who Rupert picked up for and who was told that Rupert would call them back.
    DRUMROLL. The winner was … on second thought, I think I’ll leave you guessing. These men all have a lot of shows I’d like to appear on."
    —  Kara DioGuardi, A Helluva High Note

  14. Am I the only one that hates how Spotify posts overwhelm the dashboard


  15. editing tips


    But there are ways you can hack it for yourself. Basically, be your worst critic, read it through your most unsympathetic eye:

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