1. How to listen to music.

    I - External awareness.

    The Beatles did it first.

    II - Internal awareness.

    Katy Rose is my favorite musician. Not because Because I Can is on par with Sgt. Peppers or Thriller, but because I want to fuck the shit out of her.


    Human intelligence is limited. That’s why our instinctual reactions are very important, because they point to universal truths that we may not yet be able to articulate. If it sounds wrong, it probably is wrong, and if you like it anyways it’s likely for reasons that have nothing to do with the music.

    Too often, we let people’s own justifications for their own tastes and preferences stand, which is fallacious because it assumes self-awareness.

    One day, when science figures out how and why music actually works, some of our tastes are going to seem as foolish as the ancient Greek gods who threw lightning bolts and stirred up hurricanes. Celebrities are the new gods, and when not enough reasons exist to justify our worship, we simply make them up. Don’t be that guy.

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